JumpTastic Carbon Fiber Pickleball Set with Net

JumpTastics play equipment makes healthy gaming both safe and enjoyable, contributing to the world by encouraging humanity to adopt a better lifestyle.

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Are you still struggling to find a pickleball court? Are you worried about the lack of interactive entertainment options for your family gatherings?

Our pickleball set can completely solve your concerns. It allows you to play a game of pickleball anytime, anywhere, whether it's in your backyard or an outdoor park, as long as you have enough space.

Furthermore, our paddles are made of a new material called carbon fiber, which is lighter than traditional wooden paddles. They provide better ball control, distribute wrist forces more evenly, and improve endurance during matches.

They are suitable for beginners, intermediate players, and even advanced players of all ages. It's easy to get started and perfect for social gatherings.

JumpTastic Carbon Fiber Pickleball Set includes 4 official-size paddles, 6 pickleball, a complete net set with metal support frames, 2 cooling towels, and 2 portable bags.

Our pickleball set includes the following equipment:

- Pickleball Paddles: The double-sided paddles are made of carbon fiber, with a honeycomb core structure, making them lightweight and providing better ball control than wooden paddles. They have protective edge guards and a grip wrapped with protective tape for softness, sweat absorption, and non-slip grip. The paddle size is 15.85'' * 7.85'', and both sides feature different sports-themed designs.

- Pickleball Net with Frame: The set includes a pickleball net with an official standard size of 22' * 36''. The frame is made of high-quality steel tubes and can be assembled without tools, making it easy to set up and dismantle. The net is made of durable material resistant to UV rays, and the frame has a rust-resistant coating, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

- Pickleball: The set includes six high-quality pickleball with excellent elasticity and standard size, offering an enhanced playing experience.

- Carrying Bags: We provide two portable carrying bags, one for the paddles and pickleballs, and another for the net and frame. The total weight of the set is 20 pounds.

- Bonus Items: As a bonus, we offer two cool towels, individually packaged in a tube. These towels are highly absorbent, quick-drying, cool, soft, and comfortable, making them perfect for pickleball, tennis, yoga, and other activities.

This combination of equipment will provide a complete pickleball playing experience, and it is convenient to carry and use.

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